Andreas Eastman 605 Bass


Product Description

The Andreas Eastman 605 bass represents the height of quality in workmanship and materials. Simply put, these are the finest instruments coming from a very fine workshop. The superior tonewoods used for this model allow the luthiers to achieve the best visual and tonal results possible, while the 605 master varnish complements this excellent wood and craftsmanship. It is the top model from the Andreas Eastman workshop and is meticulously hand-crafted from solid select aged spruce (top) and highly flamed, select maple (back and ribs). The outstanding hand-applied spirit varnish enhances beauty of the wood and its sound. The Eastman model 605 bass is available in sizes 7/8″ – 1/2″ in Gamba pattern and it is also available in size 3/4″ in Violin corners, French-(Quenoil) style, Bussetto-style patterns. It is also available as a 5 string bass in Violin corners only.

Visit the Eastman Strings website for specs and more pictures.