About Eastman Strings

EastmEastman Strings Technician working on a scrollan Strings was founded in 1992, yet it is already an integral part of the long and glorious history of one of the most fascinating musical traditions the world has known. Through its violin and bow making activities, Eastman Strings is attached to a tradition nearly 500 years old.

They strive to maintain a level of artistic and commercial achievement worthy of their predecessors.

Today, the instrument and bow making workshops of Eastman Strings operate in precisely the same manner as late 19th century European workshops. They have virtually no power tools aside from the band saws used to cut out the necks and the outlines of the tops and backs of instruments. Chisels, knives, gouges, and scrapers, in the hands of outstandingly gifted craftspeople, are the primary tools used to create these modern instruments and bows, using methods centuries old.

Thanks to Eastman Strings, string players today have advantages unknown to earlier generations: quality instruments, bows, and cases available world-wide at affordable prices.



About Eastman Music Company

Mara (Violin Outlet owner) with Qian (owner of Eastman Strings)Qian Ni, an accomplished flutist from Beijing, founded Eastman Strings in 1992.  He never imagined that over the course of 20 years, the company would grow from a small business operated out of the back of his car into a global music supplier. A recent graduate of Boston University’s music program, Ni was simply doing what he knew and loved: Representing some of China’s best violin makers in the U.S. market.

“I would load up my car with their instruments and drive from city to city selling them to violin shops and music stores,” Ni recalls. “Those that didn’t buy from me gave me excellent advice.” Ni took that advice and continued to build his company, one customer at a time.

In 1994, he made a strategic decision that would set the stage for Eastman’s dynamic expansion over the next two decades: rather than simply distributing musical instruments, Ni decided to open his first workshop on the outskirts of Beijing. “The top two luthiers I worked with then are still managing our string shops today,” Ni says with pride. “We have been lucky to attract so many talented people over the years.”

The company, now named Eastman Music Company, quickly earned a reputation for quality among its customers.  Eastman Music Company has embraced its reputation as a manufacturer that offers its customers unbeatable prices without compromising on materials or craftsmanship.

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