About Us

Violin Outlet opened its doors for business in 1983. For over thirty years, we have been providing quality stringed instruments with exemplary service to local students, professionals, and music educators. Our business has steadily grown to meet the demands of our community’s cultural needs. Today, because of the success of our local string education programs, we carry one of the largest selections of violins, violas, cellos, and basses in the southwest. We are also one of the largest vendors of sheet music in the nation with hundreds of titles from student to professional works.

We guarantee that our products and services meet the highest standards of excellence in our commitment to you, the customer. We aim to make your experience at Violin Outlet informative and rewarding in a family-friendly atmosphere.

Our services are now expanding beyond the Las Vegas market by offering online some of our more popular student instruments, accessories, and sheet music. We encourage you to call and place shipping orders for any other products. Our staff is here to assist you with all your musical needs.


One of the BEST violin shops in the country!!

Charles Laux
Assistant Professor of Music Education
Kennesay State University

Violin Outlet is unique. From the very first day it opened it reflected the integrity of its owner, Mara Lieberman, her love for music, and her caring attitude about children. The employees also reflect these qualities. Many times I felt guilty that I did not pay enough for their products. Mara tries to get the highest quality into students’ hands. It is one of the few stores left where you can pull music off the shelves and try it before buying it. I can never say enough about Mara and her crew.

Dr. Michael Allard
Harmony Magnet School

My experience with Violin Outlet is a positive one. When my son’s school had their little “rental fair,” there were several businesses present to offer their services. The school cafeteria was crowded with fancy displays of intimidating instruments and pushy staff. Violin Outlet was not that way at all. Their staff was very approachable, knowledgeable, and overall helpful.

They have continued to be friendly throughout my business relationship (renting their equipment) and have met all of my son’s needs.

Landon P.
Las Vegas, NV

I bought my violin here more than ten years ago and have made several visits since. The shop is small but cozy, the large amount of music books gives the place an atmosphere reminiscent to a library’s. The staff are always friendly, very accommodating, and seem to genuinely care for the instruments that come through the door. It is always a pleasure to walk in and a comfort to know my old friend will be well cared for.

Sylvia S.
Henderson, NV