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Rental Contract Terms and Conditions

Ownership/Responsibility: Violin Outlet maintains ownership of the rented instrument until paid in full. Renter shall be responsible for the upkeep of the instrument and any damage, theft, loss, or devaluation of the instrument (not to exceed the price of the instrument). 
Minimums: Instruments are rented for a minimum of three months.
Deposits: A deposit is due at the start of the contract or online rental submission.  The deposit will be refunded upon the return of the instrument in good, clean, and rental ready condition.  However, if any balance is owed to Violin Outlet, we may collect all or part of the deposit toward the balance owed.  Any monies owed are not limited to the amount of the deposit. Deposits are $25 for violins, $30 for violas, $50 for cellos, and $100 for basses.
Payments/Due date: Your contract starts on the date the contract is signed or requested online.  Future payments are due in advance on the same day of the month as your contract date or online rental submission and will continue on a month-to-month basis until the instrument is returned in satisfactory condition and/or any balances have been paid. By default, all renters are enrolled in automatic payments via a debit card or credit card.  You may pay your rental payment in advance by other means; however, if full payment is not made by the date due, your credit card or debit card will be charged for any outstanding rent. If pre-paid year rental option is chosen, the initial payment covers the first 12 months of rent up front. Once the 12 months have passed, the rental becomes a month-to-month rental and payments will be collected as stated above.
Late fees: For any and all payments received 1 or more days after the due date, a late fee will be collected in the amount of $10. Late fees are calculated monthly and continue to be assessed for each late payment. After 30 days, Violin Outlet may charge the renter for the full purchase price of the instrument, minus any payments made and deposit.  If collection or court efforts must be pursued by Violin Outlet, renter agrees to pay reasonable court costs, collection fees, and any other associated fees.
Rent to Own/Early Buy: Our rental program is a rent-to-own program.  Up to 100% of rental payments will be applied to the purchase of the instrument on the contract at the listed price (LDR is not included) until paid, purchased early, or applied to an instrument of equal or greater price.  Within the first 12 months of renting, an extra discount of 15% will be applied to the balance of your instrument rental if paid in full.
Exchanges: The rented instrument may be exchanged at any time for an instrument of equal or greater value.  Renter will be responsible for any difference in monthly rent or deposit. All rental payments will continue to accrue towards the purchase of the exchanged instrument.
Instruments must be returned to Violin Outlet in good, clean, rental ready condition.  A cleaning fee of $25 for violins, $30 for violas, $45 for cellos, and $60 for basses, will be charged for instruments returned not clean and rental ready (including: excessive dirt, rosin, or tapes).  If damage is present, the renter will pay for any damage and devaluation of the instrument. If the instrument, case, or bow is returned with missing or broken parts, renter will be charged a replacement fee for those parts.  This includes damaged bow hair and strings.
Contact: You agree to maintain and update any and all contact and credit or debit card information with Violin Outlet. Renter agrees that Violin Outlet may run a credit check at any time for the purpose of updating contact information and collecting payments.
Bankruptcy: You agree to return the instrument to Violin Outlet prior to making any bankruptcy declaration and failure to do so will be an admission of intent of theft.