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Violin Outlet is now open for instore purchases, curbside, and delivery. This is by appointment only.
Please call (702)733-3028 or text or call (702) 849-2806 to reserve a time slot.

Private Instruction Program

Our instrumental teachers provide one-on-one instruction in performance, technique, and music theory for several styles of music literature to fit your individual goals, including: classical, fiddle, jazz, and mariachi. Instruction is available for students of all ages on violin, viola, cello, string bass, and guitar.

Monthly Tuition

Tuition is paid to reserve a guaranteed studio space and teacher for a specific time each week, and therefore each month’s tuition must be paid regardless of the attendance of the student. The tuition rate is based upon payment of a full month of weekly lessons and the amount of time you specify. Most months will have four lessons; however, the months with five lessons will require an extra lesson payment.
30 min. lessons @ $30 each = $120 (normal 4 lesson month)
45 min. lessons @ $45 each = $180 (normal 4 lesson month)
60 min. lessons @ $60 each = $240 (normal 4 lesson month)
Lessons are given on a month-to-month renewal basis and tuition may be cancelled at any time prior to the 1st of the month.


All lessons are to be paid in advance on or before the 20th of the month for the next month. If full payment is not made by the 1st of the month due, your credit card will be charged for any outstanding tuition. Late fees of $5 will be added if the credit card on file does not work. Lesson payments may be made by cash, check, debit card, or credit card (Amex, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover). Lesson payments are non-refundable.

Student Attendance

If an absence is unavoidable, please notify Violin Outlet’s Music Education Center as soon as possible. Make-up lessons will be offered for a student’s cancellation made at least 24 hours in advance. Make-up lesson times will vary with instructor and studio availability. You should arrive for your lessons on time to receive the full benefits of your lessons.

Instructor Availability

If your teacher is unable to teach a scheduled lesson, a qualified substitute will be provided or a make-up lesson will be offered.


Students will have to bring their instruments and sheet music to each lesson. Additional supplies are left to the discretion of the instructor. We recommend that students have a chromatic tuner, a metronome, and a music stand for home practice.


Practicing daily is vital to your progress and is expected from every student. Instructors will set forth individual guidelines for student practice in order to achieve the best possible results from your music lessons.


Recitals may be scheduled throughout the year so that students have an opportunity to perform in front of an audience.

Other Musical Activites

We recommend attending various concerts throughout the community to help further your musical development. We also encourage our students to participate in local school and community ensembles and competitions.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Be positive.
  • Participate by attending some of your child’s lessons.
  • Create an uninterrupted environment for your child to practice.
  • Encourage your child to share his or her talents with friends and family.
  • Make sure your child arrives on time and attends his or her lessons on a regular basis.
  • If you believe your child is old enough to be dropped off for lessons, please arrive on time to pick him or her up.
  • Communicate. Let the instructor know if you believe your child is having trouble learning or practicing.
  • Encourage your child to participate in school or community ensembles.


If you need to contact an instructor, cancel a lesson, or discuss anything related to your lessons, please call (702) 733-3028, stop by Violin Outlet at 900 E. Karen Ave. #A122, or send an e-mail to info@violinoutlet.com.

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