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Violin Outlet is proud to carry the NEW Eastman Electro Acoustic instruments.  This new line of violins, viola, and cellos marks true innovation. Now you only need one instrument to play both acoustically and electrified…the possibilities are endless.

Eastman Strings has released its new step-up line of Electro Acoustic instruments that maintain the traditional sound and style of  acoustic instruments while capturing the warm and resonant qualities of our tonewoods. Eastman’s unique pickup system is embedded into the top of the instrument, and their proprietary 3.5 mm jack is used as the end button, making it almost unnoticeable. The result is an instrument that looks, feels, and sounds like a traditional acoustic instrument, while opening up new possibilities for creative musical exploration via electronic output.

Currently these instruments are available in the gorgeous Jean-Pierre Lupot model and also as outfits in the attractive and well-known Eastman 305 model.

Check out the Eastman Electro Acoustic violins here.

Check out the Eastman Electro Acoustic violas here.

Check out the Eastman Electro Acoustic cellos here.