Violin Outlet Joins World’s Leading String Recycling Program

Violin Outlet Joins World's Leading String Recycling Program

This year Violin Outlet is proud to join D'Addario and TerraCycle in combating the estimated 1.5 million pounds of instrument strings that are put into landfills each year.  Musical instrument strings are not recycled by municipal recycling programs.  So, after decades of pioneering efforts in sustainable packaging, D'Addario has teamed up with TerraCycle, an international company that recycles and upcycles difficult-to-recycle waste streams.  Together, D'addario and TerraCycle have developed Playback, an industry-wide string recycling program that recycles any brand of instrument strings.  In 2016 D'Addario recycled 300,000 strings and we are hoping to help make that number grow for 2017!

Violin Outlet has joined this initiative and now has a bin dedicated to this string recycling program.  We encourage you to save your old strings and drop them off on your next visit.

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