Bridge Lyra Electric Violin - Five String


The Bridge Lyra electric violin features a hollow body made of a carbon fiber and Kevlar composite. The enclosed air resonates to provide a rich amplified violin sound while maintaining the strength and durability of a solid body instrument. The Lyra is a five string violin that uses an encapsulated pickup system integrated into the bridge, utilizing all the advantages of a traditional bridge and capturing the warmth and tone of acoustic violins. Power for the active pre amp is supplied by a single 3V lithium coin-cell battery, which weighs virtually nothing, yet will last for approximately 1,000 hours of playing time. The Bridge Lyra electric violin comes with an oblong hard case, Pirastro Tonica strings and a carbon composite bow. They are available in a wide variety of colors and effects: black, purple, blue, red, black to blue fade, black to red fade, black to purple fade, green marble, red marble, purple marble, blue marble, green matrix, red matrix, blue matrix, purple matrix, purple/green chameleon, green/gold chameleon, blue reef double color, purple/orange double color, pink/purple double color, purple haze double color, and silverstone double color.

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