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The CodaBow Escent Viola Bow

The supple response of a fine Pernambuco bow paired with the lively articulation of our performance line give the CodaBow Escent viola bow a modern energy unprecedented in bow making. Designed by thought leaders in the industry, this hybrid approach creates deepening string connection and clear tonal color that allows artists to leap across genres and styles. The innovative frog architecture delivers the controlled agility many ambitious professional’s demand. Added facility and range afford you the opportunity to expand your technical capacity in the pursuit of more mature musical performance. Whether you are facing university jurors, playing weddings between orchestra performances, or crossing genres in the studio, the next steppingstone on your journey awaits with the CodaBow Escent viola bow.

The Escent

Innovative Xebony Frog Architecture

The CodaBow Escent viola bow features an innovative new frog architecture that takes advantage of our Xebony composite material. This elegant design offers elevated agility and articulation in performance while also delivering increased connection through a contoured thumb pocket.

Natural Acoustic Core

A meticulously crafted natural acoustic core is comprised of a proprietary blend of plant fibers delivering an unburdened and focused tonal experience.

Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Architecture

Designed by thought leaders in the industry, this architecture features intentionally designed unidirectional carbon fiber running continuously from button to tip to create deepening string connection and clear tonal color. Furthermore, this technology allows player’s fingertips to sense the bow’s full-length dynamics and response as never before, emulating the grain structure of the finest Pernambuco bows.

Lifetime Technology

All high-wear components (including tip plate, tip wedge, and button screw bearings) are precision made using industry-leading composite materials to ensure a lifetime of worry-free play.

Global Bow Design

GlobalBow® designation ensures that our bows contain no endangered, monitored, or regulated species (wildlife or fauna) and can pass worry-free through international Customs.