The Realist Copperhead Bass Pickup has a very transparent sound color and texture with unmatched dynamic response both arco and pizzicato.

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The Realist Copperhead Bass Pickup

This is the single most popular bass pick-up on the market, the pick-up that raised everyone’s standards. In 1998 Ned Steinberger and our David Gage released this under-the-bridge pick-up that took unique advantage of Ned’s out-of-the-box design and David’s keen knowledge of how acoustic instruments work.

This pick-up fits under the bridge and needs no glue or fasteners to install.

This is a piezo pick-up and requires no batteries.

Transducer for bass, standard copper element, 1/4″ input jack.

The entire Copperhead line comes with a one-year warranty, but tend to last a tremendously long time.