The Eastman 105 bass with C extension is a great bass built with a beautiful fully carved spruce top and maple back that has great balance of superior tone and stability as well as a greater range of notes.

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The Andreas Eastman 105 with C extension basses are built to order and provide a great balance of superior tone and stability. With a fully carved top and back and laminated ribs, Model 105 basses have a rich and powerful sound with enhanced stability. Each bass is finished with a beautiful hand-applied, shaded, antique-style varnish. Bassists are often asked to play notes below their normal playing range. Designed in collaboration with Los Angeles Bass Works, Eastman’s bass extensions use the latest innovations to make playing these low notes a breeze. These basses are great for touring and gigging musicians.

Lead time for these built to order basses is 90-120 days.

  • Fully carved solid spruce top
  • Fully-carved maple Back
  • Sturdy laminated ribs
  • Solid ebony fingerboard
  • Solid brass tuning machines
  • State-of-the-art C Extension
  • Special hand-applied shaded antique-style varnish
  • Available in 3/4
  • Gamba-corner pattern (only)

Please click on the video below to hear more about the Eastman bass extension.

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