We Are Open

Violin Outlet is now open for instore purchases, curbside, and delivery. This is by appointment only.
Please call (702)733-3028 or text or call (702) 849-2806 to reserve a time slot.

Violin bridge being repaired andcarvedWith over thirty years of experience, our skilled luthiers are equipped to handle repairs of all kinds including major restorations.  Our expert repair shop takes pride in making sure each and every instrument is meticulously set up.  Bridges are hand carved, fingerboards are planed, pegs are fit properly, and soundposts are adjusted for optimum sound.

All bows are rehaired with only the finest professional quality hair in our repair shop.  We guarantee all of our work.







Our Repair Staff

James Wilson (Violin Outlet’s full time luthier)
Dan Murphy (Violin Outlet’s part-time luthier)
Juan Soto - Luthier
Juan Soto (Violin Outlet’s on-call fine instrument luthier)
















Appraisals are available verbally or can be written for insurance purposes.  Verbal appraisals are always free and written appraisals are $40.00 – $60.00.


Please contact us if you have any questions about the repair shop services we offer.

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