Our intermediate and advanced basses are partially or fully hand-carved and excel both in tone quality and playability.  These instruments are well suited for the intermediate bass student, the advanced bass player, and even the professional.  The basses in this range are both new and used.  When considering one of these basses, we encourage you to take your time.  Do not make any rash decisions.  Come in our store and try several instruments.  Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you as you find the bass that is ideal for you.

Violin Outlet is proud to be one of the largest Eastman String dealers in the country and the exclusive Eastman strings dealer in Southern Nevada.  Please go the the Eastman Bass page for a description of these fine instruments available in our store.

Violin Outlet offers a selection of both new and used intermediate and advanced basses.  We are unable to list all instruments available. For the most current availability of specific instruments, please contact us.  Below is a catalog list of some of our most popular intermediate and advanced level basses. Click on the items for larger images and a full description.