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The String Connection Virtual Violin Festival 2021

Though online festivals are not a new phenomenon, this festival is unique with its focus on individual students connecting with an all-star faculty of international artists in an intense learning environment. The experience space is limited, so claim your spot now!

If you’re an advanced high school or college level violin student preparing for a career in music or a path to college through advanced musical training, then you know how important summer learning is for your future. Making connections, learning repertoire to forging beautiful friendships.

We are faced with all the travel challenges and space management through COVID guidelines. Don’t be impacted by the limitations to slow down your growth and alter your future plans.

VVF is able to introduce you to future teachers, work through your audition repertoire and experience the camaraderie of a like-minded community of students.

Private teachers want to make sure their students are being exposed to other well-known pedagogues, connecting with their peers and getting inspiration by being surrounded by great artists in a festival setting.

Thanks to the internet connections and video streaming applications, we are able to bring international artists to your living room.

You will be able to:

• Work with an all-star faculty from around the world, in private lessons, and masterclass settings.

• Enjoy the attention of being part of an exclusive group.

• Work with the support of a close online community.

• Prepare for next year’s competitions and auditions.

• Learn and be coached on next year’s repertoire.

• Work with and connect with the great violinists.

• Give yourself a head start for college or grad school preparation.

• Spend your two weeks surrounded by inspiring artists and mentors.

Visit the Virtual Violin Festival Website for More information